Welcome to Escents, where luxury and affordability seamlessly intertwine. Established in 2023, our brand is built on the belief that everyone should have access to premium perfumes. Our focus stays on essentiality and minimalism, in both design and fragrance curation, creating an olfactory experience that is both sophisticated and accessible.

As part of our "New Month, New Escent" plan, we introduce a new fragrance every month keeping our collection dynamic and exciting while fostering a sustainable approach by keeping our plastic usage to the minimum - we opt for corrugated paper packaging.

Join us on an aromatic journey where luxury meets affordability, and each fragrance embodies a commitment to simplicity and environmental stewardship.




Consistency is a hallmark and we believe consistency in quality ensures customer satisfaction.
Each ingredient is obtained from a specific geographic location where it is renowned for its exceptional quality to serve you the best
A diverse range of fragrances help consumer explore their style and taste. Explore your style with new Escents launching every month.